About Me

Raymond Wirick was born in Rantoul Illinois July 17, 1963. He attended the Maryland Institute College of Art 1981-86 on scholarship where he graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art Degree in drawing.

Upon leaving school Raymond began a career in the animatronic theme park industry as a sculptor/art director with a particular interest in large scale monsters.

All the while Raymond continued to exhibit his painting and sculpture in many galleries and museums throughout the United States.

After theme parks, Raymond found commercial sand sculpting and has travelled the world entertaining thousands of spectators with gravity defying creations in sand. On one such trip seven years ago, Raymond met his lovely wife Louise and moved to England to start a family.

Raymond currently lives in East Kennett where he is inspired by the local landscape, his wife’s career in theatre and a new chapter that introduces chainsaws to his 3-D work.