What type of timber is used?

All my timber is procured locally from a sustainable source. I try to utilize timber that would otherwise be firewood, often provided by local tree surgeons. On occasion, I purchase my timber from a commercial merchant.
Green oak is often my timber of choice due to its beauty and durability. Other hardwoods are available on request.

Do I treat my sculptures with preservatives/ finishes?

Yes. I use a Cupinol brand preservative with a Danish Oil finish made by Blackfriar.

How often do sculptures require treatment?

Depending on weather/ exposure to the elements and desired finish, a brushed on coating of Danish oil or preservative annually is recommended. Note that Danish oil will darken the wood over time. A clear preservative is often sufficient and does a fine job alone without discolouring.
Oak, left alone, wills cure/age to a silver patina. Untreated oak will last a very long time, even outdoors.

Do you have any suggestions on displaying sculptures outside?

I suggest placing sculptures/ benches on paving slabs/stones away from direct contact with the ground. If possible, out of direct sunlight in shady locations.

My sculpture is cracking!

No worries, this is normal. Wood breathes and moves over time, especially during the initial drying/curing phase. I take care when carving timber to not place ears, fingers and tails in areas that may split and separate. This natural movement does not weaken most hardwoods. Overtime this will bring character to the sculpture, not unlike the aging process of a handsome man!

I have a fallen/dying tree in my garden. Can this tree be used for a sculpture?

Yes. Please send a photo and share any ideas you may have for our design.
Often a project may require your local tree surgeon to top the tree off at a desired height before my arrival. On large projects, a scaffolding company may be required as well. Some designs can be completed in a day. Often, multiple visits are required to complete the project.

Do you carve pet portraits?

Yes. Please send a photo.